Uhh, Reincarnation Goddess? You Forgot to Give Me the System is a web fiction series that takes the typical LitRPG fantasy premise and flips it on its head. Ash, our unlucky protagonist, is reincarnated into a world in which everyone has access to the System—including all its stats, magic, and superhuman strength… Everyone except for her.

In a world of wizards and warriors, terrors and tyrants, will Ash be able to survive as a mere unpowered human? Luckily, she’s a clever girl with some tricks up her sleeve. But then again, she already has a pretty bad track record at staying alive…

I call it URGY for short because it’s easier to type, and because it’s a funny acronym. Feel free to do the same.

Start reading now from Chapter 1, or take a look at the Table of Contents to see what you’re getting into.