Uhh, Reincarnation Goddess? You Forgot to Give Me the System has a huge cast of characters. I mean, it kind of has to—we’re going full multiversal here. But here are some of the most important characters to get you started.

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It’s our main girl, Ashleigh Kyriakides!

Originally a 22-year-old software developer on Earth, Ash is now a 22-year-old Null-rank on Era who is fighting every day just to survive. She’s 5’ 5” with brown hair and blue eyes, with an un-athletic build that matches her choice of occupation.

Back when she was alive on Earth, her hobbies included voraciously reading science fiction and fantasy novels, casual gaming, and trying to teach herself advanced math and physics in her spare time. As for her hobbies on Era… Well, if she ever gets a break from using her genre savviness to survive by the skin of her teeth, she’d really love to apply her science knowledge to figure out the physics of Era and the greater multiverse—not to mention the System itself.


The Goddess of Reincarnation herself, Seriphen.

Little is known about this cosmic deity, except that she watches over all the worlds of the greater multiverse and she has the power to reincarnate recently deceased humans into new worlds. You’d think that with such incredible power, she’d be near omniscient as well. And yet… she failed to give Ash the System…


Four years ago, a teenage Bohriam Sen Kahl received his Stone-rank Personal Quest: to save the life of someone from another world. But… people from other worlds don’t exist, as far as anyone on Era knew.

Ever since receiving his nonsense Quest, Bohriam has languished at the Rank reserved for children and young teens—falling behind as all his friends shunned him and advanced on their own journeys without him.

But now, there’s a ray of hope—after resigning himself to a life of eternal weakness, a strange girl named Ashleigh Kyriakides appeared out of thin air, claiming to be from a world called Earth, and in clear need of a lot of protection. She seems to be telling the truth, but it wouldn’t be the first time someone played such a cruel trick on Bohriam…