Virulesse Syndane is the Exarch of Viskavia, aka the tyrannical ruler that the Gostrey Aegis has been fighting to overcome.

Although she’s young for a provincial governor—just a few years older than Ash—she makes up for her lack of political expertise with savage ruthlessness… and also with a stable of advisors drawn from the previous Exarch’s administration, along with her family’s unlimited resources, but she prefers solving problems with violence. It’s just more fun that way, don’t you agree?

Virulesse fancies herself a scholar, and wishes that more people on Era would be more interested in the deeper questions in life—like, where does the System come from? Is there more to this world than simply Era and its magic?

And now, what should have been a lovely little vacation to exterminate some petty insurrectionists in Gostrey turns into the delight of a lifetime when she discovers a strange girl named Ashleigh Kyriakides, claiming to be from a world called Earth, who doesn’t even have the System…

Virulesse appears in the following chapters: